About us

Associata Sf. Francisc or Association St. Francis is an all volunteer, non-profit animal rescue organization dedicated to saving the lives of sick, injured and stray domestic animals as well as spaying/neutering and medical services for those animals. 

We care them in our shelter. There are always about 300 animals, and we seek to place animals in a loving foster or permanent home after recovery and we DO NOT euthanize unless terminal illness necessitates such a decision. All of our animals in shelter are: spayed/neutered, tested, dewormed and vaccinated. 

Associata Sf. Francisc oder Association St. Francis is eine ehrenamtlich und non-profit orientierte Organisation die Tiere von der Strasse, ausgesetzte oder kranke Tiere rettet und/oder diese Tiere kastriert und medizinisch versorgt.

Wir kümmern uns um diese in unserem Tierheim. Dort sind immer etwa 300 Tiere und wir versuchen für all diese Tiere liebevolle Pflegestellen oder Zuhause nach ihrer Genesung zu finden. Wir schläfern keine Tiere ein, wenn es noch andere Möglichkeiten gibt. Alle unsere Tiere sind: kastriert, getestet, entwurmt und geimpft.

Stefan chose the name Sf. Francisc... But why?

Poorly dressed in rough brown cloth, a little thin man felt compassion for the smallest of God's creatures. He brought safety to worms he found in the middle of the road by gently picking them up and placing them on the side of the road. St. Francis of Assissi (in Romanian Sf. Francisc) chose to live in poverty, while rejoicing in the world's natural beauty. Joyfully praising "Brother Sun, Sister Moon, Brother Fire and Sister Water" thru his poetry. Even more, he loved living creatures; teaching that all should be generous to animals and birds. Throughout his travels, St. Francis spoke of God's great love and care for his companion animals. During a long winter travel, he brought honey to the bees, exchanged his cloak to a butcher in return for two lambs - to save them from slaughter. He urged people to throw out grain for the birds, and was seen throwing freshly caught fish back in the water. He was loved and followed by many pet animals; lambs, rabbits, and pheasants, among them. Today, we celebrate the "Feast of St. Francis" on October 4th. Across the world, a Blessing of the Animals is held on this day.

In Sf. Francisc Shelter there is a man, dressed in blue mantle, who lives just for his dogs. He lives very modestly and he spends his time and his limited revenue to help living animals beings in desperate need. Some days he does not eat, giving his care to the animals around him. He takes care of about more then 300 animals until they all will be adopted. All animals are rescued from the streets, field, forests and from dead camp of public shelters.

His mission is to provide a safe and nurturing environment for abandoned and mistreated dogs and cats until they can be placed in loving homes.

So he called his shelter Sf. Francisc